Funeral celebrant in Surrey & Sussex 

Julia Hill is a Surrey & Sussex based family and funeral celebrant (who likes to travel), and as Silverlode Celebrants focuses on offering a comprehensive range of services for families, relating to end of life and funeral needs.

Julia qualified through the United Kingdom Society of Celebrants, and in the past three years has gone on to qualify as an end-of-life doula. She is currently studying British Sign Language with a view to expanding how she can present ceremonies and work with families. Julia also offers the facility to those wishing to approach the end of their life’s journeys in a well organised way through her pre-planning and scriptwriting services.

Please visit the services pages for more information regarding these services, or to make contact with Julia.

FUN FACT ... What’s in a name? ...
The Silverlode River is found in Middle Earth, the mystical land of JRR Tolkien’s classical work The Hobbit ... it is also known as the Celebrant River ... and so Silverlode Celebrants was born ... coupled with Julia’s deep love of rivers and water and all the associated symbolism as it pertains to our lives and the flow within.

For Family Celebrant Services, including naming ceremonies, wedding celebrations, renewals of vows and more, please visit Silverlode Wedding Celebrants.

Funeral celebrant in Surrey

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