End of Life Doula



What Is an End of Life doula?

Perhaps you’ve heard of a doula in the context of pregnancy, birth and the early weeks with a new baby. So, what’s an End of Life doula? —a professional person, like me, who undertakes the emotional support of someone who is nearing the end of their life, most commonly in a palliative care scenario. My role, carried out with infinite care and compassion, is primarily one of listening, supporting and providing empathy.

Support: As a conscientious doula, I’ve built up a good local network of professional bodies, such as lawyers, hospice services, and community groups who support people with specific needs. I'd be more than happy to point you in their direction should you require additional support.

Contracts: Each contract is individually created with you in mind. If requested—and it very often is—the support I provide can extend to your family as well, with one person nominated as my primary contact. This additional care may, if agreed, continue for your family after your death giving you peace of mind, knowing that there’s someone there to help them through the sad times of the grieving process.

I’m more than happy to discuss your wishes and needs with you, or those of a loved one, at any time.

Please note: It is NOT the role of the doula to provide any form of medical care or act in an advisory capacity.